Application M-025CEN-69R
Applicant: Centurion Land Developments, Inc.
Residential Development
69 Lots

This is an application put forth by Centurion Land Developments, Inc. O/A Centurion Homes ("Centurion") for a subdivision ("NORECREST") to be constructed off the western portion of Manatee Parkway relative to Highway 40, south side - in the City of Manatee ("the City"). The City has designated this area to house residential units with neighbourhood commercial.

The NORECREST development would consist of 69 residential units each occupying a lot of 2 tiles wide and 4 tiles in length. Centurion wishes to seek a variance to city planning guides which say lots shall not exceed 2 tiles in width and 3 tiles in length. Centurion wishes to market these units as "country-inspired living in the city."

The municipal road NORECREST subdivision will connect to is "Manatee Pkwy" - a 6 lane divided avenue with access to Highway 40. A study has been conducted and suggest a signal-controlled intersection for the road bordering Lot #23. The other roas shall only connect to East-bound Manatee Pkwy.

The subdivision is also to have 2 parks - one bordering Manatee Pkwy. and another to be in the rear of the subdivision, bordering open grassland. 

This subdivision meets all planning regulations or has requested variance. It is the opinion of staff these variances should be approved to allow the subdivision to proceed. 

This subdivision does not follow the traditional grid-pattern used in the majority of residential developments in the City up to this point, however it has the ability to be expanded southwards, should the developer or another choose to do so.

It is the recommendation of the staff this application be approved.


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08/18/2012 8:11pm

It's really nice to see how much work has been put into this region. I wonder what the finished product looks like.


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